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Japan Sinks

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Japan sinks! Proving once again that Japan will never cease to find inventive ways to destroy itself on screen, this summer's blockbuster Sinking of Japan brings apocalypse through tectonics. Based on Sakyo Komatsu's best-selling novel, Sinking of Japan was first put on the big screen in Moritani Shiro's 1973 classic. In 2006, director Higuchi Shinji remakes the disaster movie, taking the story to

Title : Japan Sinks

Year : 2006

Runtime : 135

Release Dates: 2006-07-15


Actors :

Tsuyoshi KusanagiasOnodera Tosio
Etsushi ToyokawaasTadogoro Yusuke
Mao DaichiasTakamori Saori
Kou ShibasakiasAbe Reiko
Mitsuhiro Oikawaas
Mayuko Fukudaas
Hideko Yoshidaas
Akira Emotoas
Jun Kunimuraas
Kôji Ishizakaas
Ken'ichi Endôas
Takeshi Katôas
Hideaki Annoas
Moyoco Annoas
Harutoshi Fukuias
Narushi Ikedaas
Taro Ishida as
Tae Kimuraas
Kazuo Kitamuraas
Kanji Tsudaas
Ai Maedaas
Takashi Matsuoas
Seminosuke Murasugias
Naomasa Musakaas
Aiko Nagayamaas
Shirô Namikias
Kôji Ôkuraas
Eriko Satôas
Pierre Takias
Tetsurô Tanbaas
Toru Tezukaas
Yoshiyuki Tominoas
Emi Wadaas
Ken'ichi Yajimaas
Tatsuo Yamadaas
Hiroshi Ôguchias

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Watch Japan Sinks Stream Online Megavideo last night and it was superb. The set pieces are suitably awesome and the acting performances are uniformly excellent. The writer set out to deliver a fun story and that is exactly what it is. It draws you in from the first moments and does not let go. What more could you possibly want?


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