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Led by a detective hell-bent on revenge, a team of undercover cops in Los Angeles attempt to bring down a powerful drug mob from the inside. Operating outside the law, they put everything on the line to clean up the streets and exact payback on the king pin who devastated their families. Based on the true story of Mexico's most powerful drug lord, Cartel War is an action-packed journey into an all-too-real violent underworld.

Title : Cartel War

Year : 2012

Runtime : 94

Release Dates: 2012-11-27


Actors :

Jack LucarelliasMike Marino
Mercedes BritoasCatalina Vega
Roberto 'Sanz' SanchezasAntonio Vega
Sandra CarolinaasGina Cassidy
Dwight HicksasLogan Coffey
Gene LythgowasGene Wilson
Brian SmolenskyasJack Brokowski
Aaron D. SpearsasAndre Rhodes
Christopher LamarkasDj
Carlos PrattsasDe La Pena
Steve WhelanasSteve Yaconelli

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Watch Cartel War Stream Online Megavideo last night and it was superb. The set pieces are suitably awesome and the acting performances are uniformly excellent. The writer set out to deliver a fun story and that is exactly what it is. It draws you in from the first moments and does not let go. What more could you possibly want?


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